Services et propositions commerciale
You will note that our offer aims at removing for the store of reception all forced, financial or different expenses. Remain with load for the store only the supply of electrical current, of a water point (nonnecessary instead of sale even), as well as a point of storage (except refrigerator) of approximately two pallets on the ground. If the specificity of a place of sale raised other interrogations, we are persuaded to be capable to answer it.
Acquisition, financing, maintenance and repair (breakdowns) of the material
Seasonal personnel
Goods in stock
PLV, estival dynamics
Offered line of goods
Hygiene and cleanliness
Fine storage of season
An important fleet of powerful machines constantly revised
Paid, trained recruited personnel and followed by our care
Orders, delivery and total management with our expenses
Giant cone of ice "hitchkiker" Photos, parasols, clothing, promotions.
More than one score of different ices and weekly rotation of perfume. Products of quality
Cash register with preset keys
Products of cleaning and disinfecting for agroalimentary sector (bactericidal and  fungicidal). Towels coil at disposal of the customer.
Renunciation of recourse
Resumption of the totality of the material and stock goods at the end of the season.
 Our proposals commercial
- a monthly rent fixes to agree
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